Nasaís Apollo Space Simulation Project

(Orbiter Free ADD-On)



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NASSP 1B Features Description



In the mean time, you may download actual NASSP Release with the following links.

Important informations are enclosed in the zip file be sure to read them carefully.


Visit Orbiterís Home page at :


Orbiter's Official Forum


AVSIM (See Orbiterís Section)




NASSP 4.0 Full Package (Including Saturn 5 and Saturn 1B)


NASSP 4.0 Update package (to update from previous release)


Fix to upgrade to NASSP 4.2 (New panel bitmap and Meshes)


Public Source CODE for NASSP 4.2




Lunar FLight Plan for Apollo/Saturn Rocket (PDF File 3.3 Mb Obsolete but helpful)


Contact the Author


A little word for all of you that often E-Mail me :


I Apologize to the numerous people I did event replied to their mail, Iím sorry I got only few time for developping NASSP add-on,and sometimes I see mail and store them awaiting to have some time for answers. Of course as usual, I store them for so long that it is no use to answer a question 3 weeks later... So, to help you with NASSP use read carefully the readme doc file, it takes more time to write than read and brings you almost all answers. 80% of the question I can see on the forum are explained in docs file. The flight plan available is not perfect but it should very helpful to beginners. Feel free to mail, but be aware I wonít answer this to basic-use related question. Prefer to ask them on forum. The other advantages, is that this way you may obtain answer from many other people than me, and so be helped more efficiently. Anyway there again I thank all of you for excusing me not to respond every request, it is more a lack of time than a lack of interest...


I wish to all of you happy flights....